Expressing your feelings is never an easy thing to do,
but lucky for us there is more than one way to do it. 

You can take the most simple route and simple just talk them out.
Or you could write them down. 

With writing them down you then have two options:
Prose or Poem?

Prose is just you basically writing down your feelings exactly
the same way you would say them. The difference with poetry is that you can express your feelings without actually having to say how you are feeling. 

A recent poem I read by Elan Mudrow titled Clench does just that.

In the poem the focus is the speaker’s hands and they use all types
of concrete images to convey their emotions. Through this a story is being told and the emotions the speaker is feeling are felt by the reader and the speaker doesn’t even have to come right out and say it.

The beauty of poetry is just that. The freedom of expressing oneself
in the way you chose. With poetry you have the freedom
to say whatever you want however you want, whether it be direct
or through images, in a way your reader would better understand you.