Have you ever felt so strongly about a certain aspect of yourself? Your personality, your appearance, etc.? Is it even possible to feel this way without being told we are being vain?

I have always had people tell me how beautiful my eyes are and after being told countless times, they became my favorite part about myself. What’s so striking about them is that they are not one single color and tend to change according to my mood or what I am wearing.

This made me feel lucky because a lot of my family members have brown eyes and it just so happened that both my parents, all three of my siblings, and I  have light eyes. How could it just so happen that it worked out with none of us four children getting the brown eyes gene?

Now I love my eyes so much that I even wrote a poem about them. Are there any ways in which any of you show homage to yourself?

homage to my eyes

Based on Lucille Clifton’s homage to my hips

These eyes see everything
they wander around and
drink it all in.
These eyes are wary eyes
as he looks into them.
These eyes are scared eyes.
These eyes are in love.
They don’t see perfectly
so these eyes need a
little help.
These eyes are sometimes blind
they follow what they want
they ignore what they want.
These eyes are bold eyes.
These eyes are wistful eyes.
They like to shine
and change color,
refusing to be categorized.
These eyes are blue eyes
These eyes are green eyes,
with grey and brown.
These eyes can see right
into your soul.
These eyes tried to see
the best in him.
He looked into these eyes,
my eyes and his eyes
looked away from these eyes.
I am thankful for these eyes.
I have had them
all my life
to lookout for me
when I needed them most.

Another poem by Lucille Clifton: