Something I’ve been meaning to do, but don’t have the courage.
What if he doesn’t respond?
What if he does?

You see, we had this thing, a relationship of sorts you could say, but it ended. Some would say badly, but not me, it just didn’t end…well. He wanted one thing and I another. I just didn’t realize it would tear us apart the way it did.

It started off slow and sweet, but all too soon it got
shall we say
And no one likes complicated.

Especially when it has such an impact on your daily life. Other people get involved, then they get mad, and before you know it something between the two of who has become grounds for them to give their input.

He always used to tell me that if we were meant to be in each other’s lives we would cross paths again. I think he knew it wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

Only, now it seems to be harder, that it’s over. I find myself wanting to text him and share with him whenever something upsets me or makes me happy. I used to be able to do that, he was one of the only people I could count on to always listen.
But now he’s with her.

Maybe if he reached out to me first it wouldn’t be as nerve racking.
That talking to him would be OK.
I keep going back to the idea of writing him a letter.
I wouldn’t have to interact with him directly, except I would still be waiting for a response.

Either way,
no matter how he responds.
I need to get how I’m feeling out there.
I need him to know
I need that closure.
I just wonder, and kind of hope, if he needs it too.