From Six to Ten

They at first smile and act
like nothing’s wrong, not
the fighting
the yelling
slamming of things
not talking
sleeping in different rooms
it’s fine they say, so
you don’t ask questions.

But you know what’s
about to come, it’s all
too familiar
that sit down
and talk
those tears
that silence
all things you were ready
for, but still hurt all the same.

They never really tell you
what’s going to change,
just that everything will
like Christmas
and Thanksgiving dinner
your weekends
like your address
and you
you go from having one of
everything, to now at least

You didn’t realize though
that it would happen so soon
the separation
the moving back
and forth
a new schedule
it becomes too much, having to
say no, I’m at this house today.

Two years later just when
you think it’s finally settled,
in comes
the girlfriend
the boyfriend
her dog
a whole new chapter you
had hoped wouldn’t unfold
the way it did.

And now two steps forward
equals five steps back with
the fighting
her tears
and him still not
a vicious cycle the four of
you keep wondering will

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