Talking about yourself isn’t always easy, especially when what you want to talk about is a very touchy subject. However, talking about yourself can be a great way of getting your feelings out and coming to terms with something big that has happened in your life, whether it’s through a story, letter, or poem. You can even express what you’re thinking through works of art, such as pictures. There are so many ways in which you can tell others who you are and what you’ve gone through. 

One way of telling people about your past is to just literally write about your experiences and what you have learned from them. A blog I’ve followed recently that does this in fact is RememberingHere the author writes about their past experiences and what they took away from them. Basically how they shaped how they are today. One of their posts is titled “Pets” and as you can clearly guess it talks about the author’s life growing up and the appearance of pets during that time.

Poetry is another form of writing that not everyone can enjoy, but it is such a beautiful display of thoughts that can say a whole lot more while saying less than prose would. Now not every blog I stumbled upon only had entries written in autobiography format, some had both that and poetry. Such instances of this would be in the blog From the DeepThere are so many variations on this blog of writing styles, which is what really drew me into it in the first place. The most recent post “Scenic Overlook” really captures the essence of being able to convey emotions and feelings in a poem while also telling a story.

Another blog I came across does something very interesting with it’s posts. In regards to telling their reader’s more about them-self the author writes their posts all in letter format. It’s titled Sincerely, Andy and here Andy, the author, tells readers things he has learned, is still learning, and different aspects of his life. In one of his posts, “The Art of Letting Go”, he talks about how he has recently learned how to forgive others and make himself more happy.

Your story is yours to tell in whatever way possible; there are no limits. So when, or if, you want to contribute your story to this blog, write it in whatever form is most comfortable to you. You are who you are and your writing should be a reflection of that.